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Waves at Wilsons

Surfing, night walks and kangaroos


We have had the most amazing couple of days ever! At Mitch’s birthday party (Getting to know you) we were invited to stay the night in a tent in one of Australia’s national parks, a place called Wilsons prom. And so, two nights ago, we found ourselves in Mitch’s car with our housemate Carro driving the two hours to get there with McFlurrys and an esky full of beer for the trip. As always when alcohol is involved, that is except for poor Mitch, a game of I have never ensued and some interesting and juicy details were revealed about all. After the peril filled journey, wombats and kangaroos providing a fearsome obstacle course in the night, we arrived.

Although it was pretty late instead of heading to bed we decided to check out the beach at night. It was a pretty terrifying walk (for Rach that is, Alex being the manliest man you can imagine) through a pitch black forest with Mitch running off ahead and jumping out at every opportunity. The walk along the beach was really nice with the unseen waves crashing in the darkness and crabs scuttling out of the path of our torchlight.

After a great nights sleep we woke up early and suited up to hit the waves in the morning. Rach had never surfed before so Alex stayed with her to give her some lessons on a bodyboard to get her used to catching the waves. It didn’t start off too well but she did get the hang of it in the end and had a lot of fun. We headed back to the tent to find some inquisitve parrots who we shared our lunch with. They were truly amazing!


With lunch over Alex and the other seasoned surfers headed back out to the sea to a different place called Whiskey Bay which was stunning. Amongst the many waves caught, Alex rode two of the most perfect waves he has ever caught with only three friends in the water and a beach all to themselves. It is hard to put into words just how picture perfect it was.


The excitement didn’t stop even after we’d left as we not only came across a kangaroo filled field and stopped to have a closer look and some obligatory photos, we also then drove into a kangaroo that lept into the car from the side of the road. Luckily there was no damage done to the kangaroo who hopped off after a brief recovery. The car however fared worse, with a massive dent left in the front corner. It sure set our hearts racing and poor Mitch was so worried about the kangaroo as opposed to the car, bless him. After that our journey home was pretty unremarkable as we just chatted away but it was a nice end to a really great trip.


Rex’s Rules of the Road

  • If you’re in Melbourne and after a short trip Wilsons prom is a great one to do and the Southernmost point of mainland Aus to boot.
  • Don’t leave food in your tents in Aus. We heard stories of wombats ripping through tent walls to get at it. Apparently they’re built like brick shithouses and you can smack them, as one woman did with a baseball bat, to get them to go away and it will have no effect.
  • If you enjoy surfing and want a beautiful spot to do it in, midweek Whiskey Bay is one of the best spots Alex has ever surfed (not so much for the waves as the view).
  • At all costs avoid hitting kangaroos or wombats with your car. It will cause more damage to you than it.

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