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The most traumatic day of our lives



Today we lost a true friend. A stalwart performer in the arenas of beauty and grace. Yes today was the day we had to wave goodbye to Yvonne.

She had been in the fixer on and off for about three weeks and it reached the point where she was becoming a little dangerous to drive. There was one notable occasion where Rach was driving her through the busy streets of Fitzroy at night when everything cut out. And everything means everything; the engine, the brake lights, the headlights, the hazard lights, even the clock. Luckily Alex was right behind her in another vehicle so there was no chance of a pile up. Sadly two days ago we had to make a heart wrenching choice and decided that there was very little point in wasting good money, attempting to fix her and decided to throw in the towel. This was sad on two levels as not only have we had to say goodbye to a loving companion it also means that we’ve gotten rid of our transport for travelling in Australia and so will have to very quickly find another way to do it.

So today, with heavy hearts, we wheeled her out onto the road and dialled the scrappers number. We watched with tears heavy in our eyes as she was strapped to the truck and as she was pulled off, her wheels turning for one last time we said a couple of words;

May your spark plugs forever ignite the fiery passion of your heart,
May your wheels spin forevermore on the smooth black roads of eternity,
May your fuel gauge never hit empty as you patrol the glistening tar of heaven,
May your headlights twinkle like stars in the night sky, providing illumination for others,
May your oil never leak, you windscreen wipers always swish and your fan never stop,
You have lived a wonderful long life and you will be missed,
But in the face of it all we shall endeavour to remember the good times we had with you,
May you rest in peace.

In her memory here is a few pictures of the short time we shared with her.


Rex’s Rules of the Road

  • There will never be another car as special as Yvonne.
  • Cars are people too!

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